Video Production

“Daniele Vergaro

Videomaker - Underwater/Aerial Footage - Editing and many many more...”


I've worked with...

Activities as freelancer

Oakley, IpoleItalia, Boxeur des Rues, BabyComp, Dokout agency, Smallfish agency, WorkInAction, IGV Grandi Viaggi, Media contenents, Novamont s.p.a, Hills Race, Trophée ATD (Francia),Banca Fideuram, Lisap,Ugo Ricciardi, Creos Studio, Thelma&Friends, Worwerk, Prod. Pancreas, Tilly s.a.s , Soco, Luzzitelli Danieli Productions, Cirque du Soleil, Life in a click, Dreamtour , Kami e Cmsp, George Fly, Costa Crociere, Fiat, Daimon Eventi, Bangando Music, Assemblea Teatro, Antonio Argus, Still

Activities as employee

SKY, channel SKYSPORT24 - videoeditor
AQUAX - underwater videographer
HDunderwaervideo - underwater videographer and editor
SouthSinaivideoproduction - underwater videographer and editor


"I Tredici" -Pancreas produzioni - underwater camera operator
"L'ultima gara" -RB produzioni- underwater camera operator and camera operator


through my work


new projects and past
  • Della Croce Family – A pic every year

  • Bikes, cars and people portraits

    Cruisin mag. #100

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